New Year New You

The new year is the perfect opportunity to look at your life and become a better version of yourself. As I’m working on myself this year more than ever, here are some of the things I’m working on: 

  • I’d like to get back to my ideal weight and eat healthier…still needs some work (as I’m eating my 2nd bag of M & M’s today haha ๐Ÿ˜ณ)
  • Fix my bad credit…some of the nurses told me about the app in my iPhone called Credit shows me exactly which bills got sent to collections, and how to fix my credit score, including phone numbers of bill collectors 
  • Sign up/attend Dave Ramsey’s 9-week financial class Financial Peace University at a church in Houston…you can sign up for the class  Here
  • Keep at least $1000 in my bank account as an emergency fund 
  • Travel to Thailand on a yoga trip led by my best friend Kristen…which got postponed after my car was hit and totaled from a hit-and-run accident ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
  •  Blog every day for a year…some of my Favorite blogs that I read every day are 
  1. Mix and Match Mama
  2. Lonestar southern
  3. Summer Wind
  4. Design Darling
  5. Ali Luvs
  • Complete the 1-Year Bible 
  • Apply to nursing school 
  • Buy a nice camera and take up photography 

I have been working all of the major holidays this year for some extra money, but I still wanted to decorate the house even though I worked New Year’s Eve until 11 pm!

I hit up Party City (along with half the city) haha! I got 2 0 1 7 shaped balloons, some tiaras for the girls and top hats for the guys, hot pink and silver champagne flutes, and sparkling apple cider! 
I have realized over the years, holidays are as fun as you make them, and to not put a lot of expectation into them or else you always end up disappointed. 

I also got some balloons for the break room in Labor & Delivery

Unfortunately my roommates who were home were party poopers, so by the time I got home from work I was toasting midnight by myself haha 
 And then I made a Greek Tortellini Salad for our New Year’s Potluck the next day, and I went to bed since I had to be back at work the next day! ๐Ÿ˜
Here are some fun shots that I got with the nurses at work on New Years Eve:

Obviously the days that I Work out, I’m in a much better mood. So one thing I’ve totally became obsessed with is Soul Cycle!!! It’s based out of New York, and the class is set to high-intensity music and we do crunches and an arm workout while bicycling. My face is always bright red for a full hour after class because it gets my heart pumping so fast haha! Last week the class on Friday night had a live DJ and 2 instructors led us through the 45-minute class! We wore glow-in-the- dark jewelry. It was a lot of fun!

See how sweaty I get haha! Hardest. Class. EVER. I’m kind of obsessed!!!

So while I’m on the topic of New Year,  I thought I’d recap my top moments from 2016

 Here I am, literally a year ago TODAY (January 7, 2016) flying to Houston. On this day I entered The Right Step because had become addicted to my pain pills that I took as I recovered from Spindle Cell Sarcoma. On this day SO much fear inside me led me to take 13 clonipine in 1 day…needless to say I went straight into detox when I arrived at The Right Step, and I don’t remember a lot of my time there within the 30 days that I spent in-patient. So today is a big day for me as I ponder wall that I’ve overcome in the past year. I spent 30 days in-patient at The Right Step. 

Here I am walking my aunt’s dogs with my Aunt Claire and my mom up in Spring, TX.

At my cousin’s horse-show event ๐Ÿ™‚

I immediately moved into sober living once I got out of The Right Step, and spent 3 months attending out-patient therapy with The Right Step. I meet once a week with my therapist Cheryl outside of everything as well. As soon as IOP ended, I got hired on the spot at Pottery Barn Kids, and I LOVE it!! 

Here I am at one of our nursery events at PB Kids featuring the new collaboration with Monique Lhuillier. The new line is very whimsical. 

One of the life-size llamas that are part of the Emily & Merrit collection! 

Here we are at some of the sober activities that we do with my sober living! 

Crazy flash flood outside our house 

Cinco De Mayo in the park 

My favorite ladies who not only went to The Right Step with me in January, but we shared a room together at sober living!

The chances of staying sober after moving in to a sober living after treatment are very high! We are provided a very structured environment, we receive counseling, were expected to attend meetings, and we live in a spiritual environment which is another huge aspect to living and staying sober! I was missing the close relationship with GOD that I had when I was going through my cancer treatment, but after some time at church, and discussing spirituality, and lots of prayer, my relationship with GOD is becoming strong again! Drinking and drugs are just a mere symptom of being an addict. Often the problem lies deeper. So through hours and hours of therapy, I’ve been working through some medical trauma that I had growing up. As a kid i was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophogitis at 9 years old. I’ve endured tons of medical tests and procedures in my life. It impacted me by making me quite fearful of everything. I missed a lot of school and spent most of my life around my older parents, so I lacked social skills. I also have learned SO much about myself, my attributes as well as my character defects. I’ve grown so Much this year through this process!

I got hired in June 2016 at Memorial Herman Hospital. One thing we had to do when we entered treatment in January was to take a test that listed your attributes. Apparently one of my worst attributes, that I needed to work on the most was humility. So since then I decided I wanted to get a job that would humble me. So I got hired as a CNA in Labor & Delivery OB Emergency Department at Memorial Herman-Texas Medical Center. 

Here I am getting my picture taken with Life Flight, which was started up by Dr. “Red” Duke. 

I also got to spend my entire 32nd Birthday in the OR watching C-Sections! So far, I’ve had so many wonderful experiences here at MH. The nurses love me, and it’s a very….cue drumroll….humbling experience ๐Ÿ˜‡

In May my cousin Greggrie graduated from the United States Naval in Annapolis, Maryland. My mom and I flewthere to attend week-long festivities!

My cousin earned the honor of marching  out at the color parade as the color guard.

He chose his mom to accompany him. She got to wear a custom made gown, and a hat and pearl necklace that are passed on every year! We also spent a day in Washington DC, we toured the US Capitol, and we got to meet Governor Poe of Texas. An entire afternoon was devoted to an air show with all of the planes and jets that fly for the navy! It was amazing how close the jets got to us! And intelligent, athletic men in uniform all day every day! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜ 

In August my brother Geoff got married to one of our life-long friends who we grew up with in Sandpoint, Idaho, Lindsey Magdanz. The weather all week was incredible, and it was absolutely one of the most fun, beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to. They let me be a bridesmaid which of course I was honored to do! 

I caught the bouquet at the reception! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVE my new sister! I always prayed that GOD would bring me the most loving, kind, sister-in-law who I would get along with. He exceeded my prayers! I love her so much we are so similar in both personality and in our likes and dislikes!

Here’s my puppy Koira while we’re boating on Lake Pend Oreille. He’s been living with my parents in Idaho as I settle into Texas life. I miss him SO much and I’m counting the days until I have him back!
So there you go….longest blog Poat maybe ever, but it’s been quite a year, and I wanted to share all my progress! Future blog posts will feature royalty, particularly my favorites, and fashion, travel, and every day life. Hope you all enjoy following my blog! ๐Ÿ˜˜